• What We Do

  • SSA #38 Services

    SSA #38 Northcenter is a 'clean and green' Special Service Area. The vast majority of the SSA service scope and budget goes to Public Way Maintenance & Aesthetics. By keeping this focus, we are able to provide necessary services to our community, ensure local tax dollars go to local services and keep costs low for residents.

    The SSA also oversees some tenant retention and attraction programs, most notably Retail Northcenter, an initiative connecting prospective entrepreneurs with vacancies in the community to drive commercial attraction to the area. 

    The SSA currently provides the following services:

    • Sidewalk power washing
    • Streetscaping
    • Snow removal
    • Litter pickup
    • Greening & beautification (including maintenance & keeping of flower planters)
    • Tenant attraction & retention (Retail Northcenter, etc.)

    It should be noted that many of the services other Special Service Areas provide for businesses and residents as part of the SSA budget—advertising and promotion for member businesses, community events,etc.—are Chamber activities, but these are completed through the Chamber of Commerce and the Chamber of Commerce's budget, not the SSA. 

  • SSA #38 Accomplishments


    Special Service Area #38 was created in 2006 to provide enhanced cleaning, landscaping, snow removal and other services to Northcenter’s primary streets, to help beautify and promote Northcenter as a desirable place to live, work and play.


    Since its creation, SSA #38 has supported the following services and improvements:

    • Provided sidewalk trash removal and power washing
    • Provided snow removal and de-icing on Northcenter sidewalks
    • Installed 60 new flower planters along Northcenter’s main streets
    • Planted and maintained 80 flower planters and 80 hanging baskets throughout Northcenter
    • Provided landscaping for Northcenter’s obelisks and Irving Park Streetscape
    • Provided landscaping in Northcenter Town Square
    • Collaborated with the Northcenter Chamber of Commerce in publishing a yearly Community Guide highlighting Northcenter’s businesses


    These services help attract new businesses, residents and visitors to Northcenter as well as enhancing the experience of living and working in Northcenter for its residents and workers.

  • Why Support an SSA?

    SSAs provide ongoing, consistent and reliable funding for key local services.

    SSAs provide a locally controlled way for our community to implement enhancements in the way we envision them.

    SSA services raise appeal and property value of homes and businesses.

    SSA funding ensures local tax dollars go to local services.