• SSA #38 Reconstitution

    The Northcenter Chamber of Commerce and Special Service Area #38 Commissions are asking for your input about the programs and services offered on key arterial streets in the neighborhood by the current Special Service Area. 

    For those that may still have questions, we wanted to provide some information about what the SSA is, what it does and why the renewal of its funding is important. 

    Special Service Area #38 was created in 2006 to provide enhanced cleaning, landscaping, snow removal and other services on Northcenter's primary streets and to help contribute to the vibrancy, appeal and identity of Northcenter for residents, workers and visitors. 

    The current boundaries are: 

    • Lincoln Avenue between Addison St. and Montrose Avenue
    • Irving Park Road between Ravenswood and Campbell 
    • Western Avenue between Belmont and Montrose

    The proposed additions are: 

    • Irving Park Road between Campbell and the Chicago River
    • Northcenter Town Square at Damen & Belle Plaine

    Since 2006, SSA #38 has supported the following services and improvements:
    • Provided sidewalk trash removal and power washing
    • Provided snow removal on Northcenter sidewalks
    • Installed 40 new flower planters along Northcenter's main streets
    • Planted and maintained 60 flower planters throughout Northcenter
    • Provided landscaping for Northcenter's obelisks
    • Provided landscaping in Northcenter Town Square
    • Collaborated with the Northcenter Chamber of Commerce in the publishing of this Community Guide highlighting Northcenter's businesses
    • Connected entrepreneurs with local vacancies through the Retail Northcenter Program. 

    Why support SSA #38?

    • Need to maintain ongoing, consistent and reliable funding for  local services
    • SSAs provide a locally controlled way for our community to implement enhancements in the way we envision them
    • SSA services raise appeal and property value of homes, businesses
    • SSA funding ensures local tax dollars go to local services

    If the City does not grant the SSA reconstitution:

    • No funding for snow removal
    • No funding for litter pickup
    • No funding for maintenance of streetscapes
    • No funding or resources to maintain flower planters & hanging baskets
    • Condominium fees could potentially rise for some residents as associations will be required to contract out for snow removal, etc. 

    The 2015 SSA tax rate is set at 0.253%, with a cap of 0.333%.
     You will not pay more than that 0.333% in any given year. Both the proposed rate and cap are well below the City of Chicago average and on par with SSAs in similar neighborhoods.

    A detailed breakdown of average costs per type of property is available for download in a presentation at our website (northcenterchamber.com). If you would like an exact estimate of how much this will cost you, please contact us
    A detailed breakdown of our budget is also available for download in a presentation at our website (northcenterchamber.com).

    If you wish to see SSA services continue, please sign the petition to show support.

    If you want to know more, presentations and meeting materials about the SSA are available on our website or for download below:

    Thank you for supporting the Northcenter community and SSA #38. Together, we can continue to make Northcenter a great place to live and work.

    For more information about Special Service Area #38 Northcenter and the services it provides, please contact Garrett FitzGerald at 773-710-5866 orgarrett@northcenterchamber.com