Special Service Area #38


    Special Service Area #38 was created in 2006 to provide enhanced cleaning, landscaping, snow removal and other services to Northcenter’s primary streets, to help beautify and promote Northcenter as a desirable place to live, work and play.


    Since its creation, SSA #38 has supported the following services and improvements:

    • Provided sidewalk trash removal and power washing
    • Provided snow removal and de-icing on Northcenter sidewalks
    • Installed 60 new flower planters along Northcenter’s main streets
    • Planted and maintained 80 flower planters and 80 hanging baskets throughout Northcenter
    • Provided landscaping for Northcenter’s obelisks and Irving Park Streetscape
    • Provided landscaping in Northcenter Town Square
    • Collaborated with the Northcenter Chamber of Commerce in publishing a yearly Community Guide highlighting Northcenter’s businesses


    These services help attract new businesses, residents and visitors to Northcenter as well as enhancing the experience of living and working in Northcenter for its residents and workers.


    2016 Service Provider Agreement