Member Spotlight: Redline VR

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Located on Ravenswood Ave near Lawrence, Redline VR is a cozy and industrial space that hosts a full bar, virtual reality arcade and performance stage/event venue. Redline VR's multifunctional space is able to host a variety of events, and is staffed 100% by folks from the theater world, meaning you're bound to feel welcome and have a great time! We stopped by to see the space and learn more from Events Manager and Producer, Maya.

1. What can guests expect when they walk in the door?
When you come in you'll book a headset by the hour and our virtual reality specialists will guide you through a tour and help you choose an experience that you'll love. With over 65 games available, you'll get lost in a virtual reality experience. We also offer a complete bar, and are making plans to expand that space so that we can work with even more partners. You don't have to play VR to enjoy the bar or our free events! Stop by for a fun date night or hangout with friends. 
2. What kinds of events do you host?
We have a regular lineup of events, including Sunday Improv Comedy (BYOT- Bring Your Own Team!), Tuesday Trivia, Wednesday Game Night (Dungeons & Dragons, Magic, Board Games, Smash Brothers Tournament), and Thursday Open Mic Comedy. In January we're looking forward to late-night Friday Rainbow Dance Parties and Saturday Karaoke. 
3. What's your favorite game and house cocktail?
While the Classics like Pistol Whip, Fruit Ninja, and Job Simulator are our most popular, my favorite is Superhot. It's like in the Matrix when the characters are training in a simulation - when you move, time moves and you can look around and prepare for what's next. It's really analytical! As for cocktails, I love the Cranberry Margarita, one of our holiday drinks.
4. Can people rent the space for private events?
Yes! Whether you're looking to have a small gathering at our location, have a completely private event or fundraiser, or want us to come to you for an off-site event, we're ready to help make sure that your guests are blown away. From team building and company events to weddings and festivals, we can do it all.
5. Are memberships available?
Memberships are available for individuals, couples, and families. They make a great experience gift for the Holidays! We also have special pricing for kids from 4-6pm on Monday and Tuesday for $10/hour. We want this to be an accessible hangout space for all, including kids and teens to enjoy after school. However, we do serve alcohol and are 21+ after 6pm on the weekends. 

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