Make Your Choice for Northcenter. A or B?

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If you choose B, sign in support of SSA #38 today. 

The clean sidewalks, weed removal, planters, landscaping, and winter snow removal from sidewalks in the business area, are services provided by SSA #38. Your support is needed for SSA #38 to continue providing the services that keep our primary business streets clean and inviting for you, our residents and business owners, and your visitors and customers.

Without SSA #38, our neighborhood will look like A. Is this what you want for our neighborhood?

If the City does not grant the SSA reconstitution:

  • No funding for snow removal
  • No funding for litter pickup
  • No funding for maintenance of streetscapes
  • No funding or resources to maintain flower planters & hanging baskets
  • Condominium fees could potentially rise for some residents as associations will be required to contract out for snow removal, etc.
No one, not even the City of Chicago, will step in to provide these services. 
To show your support, please fill out the survey at
 If you would like to revisit this information, it is available for download below, along with the e-petition for those who wish to show their support.
Thank you for supporting the Northcenter community and SSA #38. Together, we can continue to make Northcenter a great place to live and work. 

For more information about Special Service Area #38 Northcenter and the services it provides, please contact Garrett FitzGerald at 773-710-5866 or   
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