Kattner, NBGC Staff Honored at PLM Awards Luncheon

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This week, the Chamber gave out two very special awards to three dedicated community servants at our annual awards luncheon. 

2015 Lifetime Achievement Award - Bill Abplanalp & Bonnie Werstein, Neighborhood Boys & Girls Club
The Neighborhood Boys & Girls Club has been a neighborhood fixture for generations, and at the heart of it are Development Director Bill Abplanalp and Director of Operations Bonnie Werstein, who work tirelessly to implement these fantastic programs for Better Men & Women. 
We thank Bill & Bonnie for all they've done for the neighborhood -- and they're not done yet!
2015 Patrick Leo McGinnis Corporate Citizenship Award - Peter Kattner
The PLM Corporate Citizenship Award recognizes local businesses and business owners for their service to the Northcenter community. The award is named for Patrick McGinnis, a community servant who previously served as a legislative aide to Alderman Gene Schulter and the Youth Outreach Director of the Neighborhood Boys & Girls Clubs. Previous honorees include Isle of Man America, for offering youth art classes and helping a young man battling cancer express his journey through art, and Orange Shoe Fitness for their work teaching fitness classes to the residents of Neumann Family Services and Sean Sanders of Browntrout, who partnered with Coonley Elementary School to teach fourth-grade classes about local, sustainable and healthy food. 
This year's honoree is Peter Kattner, a local electrician, sound whiz and dedicated community servant. You may have seen Peter at a number of our events, including our Halloween Trick-or-Treat and Summer Concerts ensuring the sound is run smoothly and encouraging everyone to shop local. He's also given his time and expertise to events and programs at St. Ben's, the Neighborhood Boys & Girls Club and the Holy Name Society, and other places right here in his community. 

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